Who is olivia newton john dating

New to the British music scene their initial hirings were not always a success - such as the duo's performance at Paul Raymond's Revue bar.

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England did not make Olivia entirely happy - she missed Australia and her then boyfriend, Ian Turpie.Olivia captured hearts in Japan with her singing as well as in the US - she toured Japan in 1976 with the album Don't Stop Believin'.Japanese listeners had loved her ever since her performance in the 1971 Tokyo Music Fair, and the 1976 concert was released as a live album in Japan titled 'Love Performance'.This manufactured group issued an eponymous album in 1970 to go with the film Toomorrow, but the public were not impressed and the movie closed quickly, leaving Olivia to concentrate on her solo music career.Olivia was invited to be the resident star for Cliff Richard's highly successful TV show in 1972, and she was a regular live performer in London.

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