Who is nigella lawson dating dexter and deb dating

Francesca and Elisabetta Grillo claim Miss Lawson, 53, allowed them to spend the money on holidays and designer goods on the understanding that they kept her “guilty secret” from Mr Saatchi.

He also lifted a reporting restriction that had until now prevented any publication of the allegations.This of course doesn’t give her fan base any sort of opinion to go off of, leaving them wondering just what the fuss, precisely, is all about.The accusations seem to be that Lawson has (or that she needs depending on the source) used plastic surgery for her hair to cover up spots where she’s gone or begun to go bald.The other problem, of course, is that hair is perhaps the easiest thing to camouflage.This becomes even more true when you have an entire staff of cosmetic professionals that can look out for your attractiveness and well being.

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