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Even in my life, I see fewer people coming out recently than in the last 15 years.” “It’s not just young people, though.There are gay people, like my husband and I, who are trying to start a family who can’t help but wonder, “How are our children gonna be treated in the future if we’re on this path right now?In the piece, titled LGBT pride is a necessary part of the resistance to this political era of hatred, Bass says that the blame has to be placed at politicians’ feet for rising intolerance that is dangerously driving LGBT people back into hiding.Speaking about the experience of being scared to come out, he said “Staying in the closet has a lot to do with the environment in which you live; people are usually scared to come out for a reason.

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Bass and husband Michael Turchin have seen some of the same messages, while going through the process of surrogacy – “It recently surprised me to see some negative comments in the midst of congratulatory messages that came through after publicly speaking about having children with my husband, Michael.The former *NSYNC member made countless headlines and magazine covers when revealing he was gay in 2006, and thereafter, the world saw him marry his prince Michael Turchin in 2014.Now, Bass is helping single men attempt to find a match with his new, history-making show.With a Prince Charming of his own and game-changing reality TV show, it seems Lance Bass has finally found his real-life happily ever after.That said, the host of Logo's Finding Prince Charming is the first to admit he's "went through a few frogs to get [his] prince." That's what he told me over the weekend at Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy bash in Los Angeles.

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