What is consolidating on tunes

An enterprise usually has many concurrent design systems. “We can do better,” an enterprise leader may say, “designing at scale.” And so they ponder: Consolidation takes effort, time, and an emotional capability to relinquish (some) control.Separate groups chart paths loosely aware or even willfully ignorant of what others do. Different programs may support different experiences and teams with different tools, and that’s ok. Heretofore independent systems may resist this uncomfortable change.

To avoid doing nothing, begin conversation with agreement that both portfolios intend to use a consolidated system, soon.

Digging into this more subjective and often emotional divisiveness is important.

Well-intentioned system teams serving distinct portfolios do try to “stay in touch” and “share best practices.” Yet apart from a meeting here and a hallway conversation there, nothing comes to pass.

Leaders in design, product and engineering may be on their consolidation journey, having consolidated some (like credit card and banking) while others (loans and institutional) lag behind.

Distinct systems can also emerge due to a fairly basic premise: Maybe native design conventions differ from the better-funded web system.

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