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Washington's marijuana is apparently the second cheapest in the country, and the state reportedly commands a respectable 81 users per capita.3.Oregon Public expression of marijuana interest was very low for this state, in addition to Google searches, which earned it a score of just 38 in the latter category.The average cost of high- and low-quality marijuana, with information provided by Priceof 3.The Google searches related to marijuana, as seen by Google Trends.4.Colorado also has the third most affordable marijuana in the country and the second most expressed interest in various marijuana publications on Facebook, resulting in a total score more than 70 points higher than the number two state.2.Washington This famously progressive haven ranks as the 10th lowest for public expression of marijuana interest, but the amount of Google searches is second only to Colorado.

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Or, in this case, don’t judge a college based on the review of some kid you met at Camp Bisco.But just 7.19 percent of residents are regular users.5.Maine Where in the name of Bob Marley did that come from?California California has the fourth lowest prices, but just 6.97 percent of residents count themselves as regular users, which isn't such a surprise considering this state is so big.But still, you have to wonder if these people even know they live in what may be the source of the best weed on the planet? Vermont Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders claims to have only smoked pot a few times in college, but Vermont has the second highest amount of regular users in the country -- an incredible 10.69 percent of local residents.

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