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But the money isn’t good enough for the five-figure debts weighing them down.

Women are recruited locally through ads in Chinese-language newspapers or over the social network We Chat.“Flushing is the center of this network,” said Lori Cohen, the director of Sanctuary for Families’ Anti-Trafficking Initiative, which has interviewed around 1,000 massage workers over the past five years and helped the 49-year-old immigrant who was sexually assaulted leave the business after she was arrested.“After you perform a service, they would find an excuse to take the money away.” They would, she said, “do even worse things.”In strip malls across the country, neon signs and brightly colored placards promise hot stones, acupuncture and shiatsu with photos of women or couples receiving relaxing shoulder rubs.But a traditionally Asian form of therapeutic relaxation with deep roots in big-city Chinatowns has spun off a different kind of massage parlor that has little to do with traditional remedies.Some of the clients were violent, and the boss charged a day for her to sleep on a sofa in a room at the parlor where rats nibbled on her food.“The customers were very terrible,” said the woman, who, ashamed of the stigma of her former profession, asked that her name not be used.

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