Validating feelings counseling

Guterman says it is not uncommon for people wrestling with alcohol or drug abuse to reject the idea of addiction and thus be unwilling to consider abstinence.Some clients come to treatment seeking only to control their drinking, he says, and under the AA model, these individuals would be considered in denial.

Focusing on these dimensions helps grow the therapeutic relationship.” “For example, goal consensus or agreement involves listening closely to the client’s distress and hopes and then being able to articulate that distress and hope back to your client,” says Sommers-Flanagan, an author and associate professor in the Department of Counselor Education at the University of Montana. For a cognitive behavioral therapist, it could include collaboratively generating a problem list.

Modern counseling models and techniques are as varied and diverse as the counselors and clients who use them.

Most counselors have a particular theory, method or school of thought that they embrace, whether it is cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, strength-based, holistic health, person-centered, Adlerian or other.

For example, thoughts of a disaster occuring can create feelings of anxiety, even if that disaster is extremely unlikely.

Patterns of negative irrational thoughts are called cognitive distortions...

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