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If the family is not a religious one, they may lay up a table for you. You all sit down at the table, eat and drink much and celebrate the occasion.

One of the popular Ukrainian wedding customs is the use of a round loaf or korovai. They lay it on a fancy towel called “rushnyk” and put a small salt pan on the top of it.

Once the veil is off, all the unmarried girls can try it on and the bride should wish them luck in finding a good man for marriage.

The bride dances with her father and thanks him for being her head and protector in life.

So, study all the customs and traditions first and then make up your mind.When the newlywed couple comes back from the church or city hall, they are to break off a piece of that bread (each in turn), dip it into salt and eat. It is white in color and usually, it is hand embroidered with flowers, birds or national symbols.The tradition states that the one who breaks off a larger piece would also rule the house and be the head of the house in the married life. We have already mentioned this word in the previous tip. During the Ukrainian wedding ceremony, the rushnyk is laid down on the floor before the couple. Surely someone steps down first and that is another sign.You do not have to do the church ceremony unless your bride’s family insists on it or both of you want it.Civil marriage in Ukraine is a bit less poetical (check the Requirements for marriage).

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