Toph sokka dating fanfiction

The second Appa lands, Aang is in the house with the rest of us quickly following.

This story is actually based off a story I found on by inactive GE called Tales of the Lost Dates in Ba Sing Se. He'd followed him into banishment, saved him time and time again, aided him on his foolish quest for the Avatar, and only ever made the occasional request for himself - an exotic tea, a music night, a quiet dinner with his nephew. In the past twenty minutes, it had tapered off, more giggle fits than her uncontrollable laughter from earlier - not that you were allowed to call what she did "giggling" - but she would not, or could not, stop. ""No-not - nothing, that's nothing," Sokka said quickly, waving his hands around for spirits only knew why. Toph stole the championship belt and raised it above her head victoriously."And the winner is -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Sokka -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Sokka was gonna do it. He'd procrastinated in every way he could think of - he'd helped Uncle with his inventory and restocking, he'd bought Zuko every play scroll he could get his hands on, he'd taken Toph to every fighting ring they could force or buy access to. He shuddered at the thought."Zuko, honey, I have a question," Sokka said from his position draped dramatically across the prince's chest. Toph was doing whatever Toph did - picking fights or being a badass, whatever - and Iroh had found a group of musicians in the public square. "I'm not going to say I'm in love with you and I'm not going to say we're going to be together forever, but I didn't start this relationship with an expiration date on it.""Which means...? Toph nods her head before placing her own hand down, checking to see if I'm correct, which slightly irritates me. Aang, you go with Iroh and Saki to look for Katara and the angry jerk" Sokka explains before looking at Iroh and places a hand on his shoulder. "Sokka, whenever we split up, you always want the new person, so how about I take her for a chnage" Saki smiles before linking her arm in mine. "Toph, Mika and I can warn the King." Sokka smiles. Glad to see you're okay." I look at Iroh, my eyes widening. Why don't you come back when it's outside him too, okay? "Sokka" I growl glaring at him "You don't need to be rude." Before Sokka can respond, Aang fills in with "Katara's in trouble. Working together is our best chance." "I have something, or someone that could help" Saki implies leading us outside where a Dai Li agent is tried up. Sokka shoves Iroh away before brushing himself off ""Good inside him" isn't enough!

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