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if you ever want to in prove your site Delete and try again or i just might come after you next topface.that is your review This site is full of beautiful pictures of women. They are either porn stars or public stars from other countries. I have only persisted on this site because there is no way to cancel.It can be used to find new friends for keeping in touch, communicating, and possibly for other things as well.

Your subscription's renewal can be turned off in Account Settings.After initial chats all good However since 98.9% Fake. Scam only Beware Photo attached......originate Ghana west Africa " data-username="Scott  C." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Scott C." data-details="Photo uploaded on 2/8/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/" data-browse-link="/photos/" data-browse-text="Browse all Top Face photos" I'm glad other people have also been yaken for a ride by topface.A lot African not sure man or woman pretending to be western Every one wanting Gift card. I waschaving paranoid fantasies that it was only me.Dont be surpised if the ladies or female impersonators ask you to send them money on i tunes cards BEFORE sending you pics. I wouldnt wish this site on my worst enemy fake ass ladies lying about location and state then they game you fake pics to they befreiend u tell u they wanna have ur baby get married then all of a sudden they say there families in the hospital or they havent eaten food in weeks and can u weztern union them money to somebody u never even $#*!ing met b4 my guess these ladies are in china or africa scamming americans on what they should have naturally theworst site i have seen in life Stay a way from this website, i used it for 9 months most of the pictures are fake and some one from their website writing to the people, the only thing they care you sign for the premium membership $$$$$$$ When you close your account and delate the pictures your picture will remain in the google search, they have a robotic useless customer service Dont waate your time with this app its total cam-money based every move is money 99% are fake profiles with pics of porn stars they force you to buy vip status to see who likes you and all likes and mesages come from spam users.

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    The connection speed is impressive and it makes it so easy for people to switch between the interlocutors.