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Meanwhile, Lana takes her charge, Harry, outside for a walk.

After Lana leaves to get him a sweater, Harry accidentally tips over his wheelchair and falls into a pond lined with green meteors.

PILOT 10/16 - Smallville, Kansas 1989: A meteor shower rains down, wreaking havoc, Lana Langs parents are killed.

The meteors crash into a field, leaving young Lex Luthor bald.

It's rumored that Cassandra, who was affected by the meteor shower, can see the future of those she touches.

METAMORPHOSIS 10/23 - An old friend of Clarks (Tom Welling) with an insect fixation has an accident, changes into a "bug-boy" and tries to harm Lana (Kristin Kreuk).

Clark confronts him, finds Lana and Whitney (Eric Johnson) ends up taking the credit for finding her.3.

He claims his deadly "jitters" were caused by a mysterious contaminant and threatens to kill everyone unless he is shown a secret sublevel - which Lionel Luthor (guest star John Glover) denies ever existed.9.

ROGUE - WB'S DESCRIPTION - Clark's (Tom Welling) secret identity is at stake when a bad cop (guest star Cameron Dye) witnesses him use his superhuman powers and coerces Clark to join forces with him; however, when Clark double-crosses the cop, he is not prepared to deal with the consequences for him and his family.

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