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Step 3: Creating Your Dialog You’ve got intents, you’ve got utterances, you’ve got entities, and you’ve got entity values and synonyms.Now it’s time to build exactly how your bot is going to interact with users.In this example “study” could be the verb or the noun.

The actual intents would simply be “where”, “what”, and “when” (or location, general info, and time).

Want to create your own bot but too busy to read the full tutorial? Signup for a Bluemix account, create your conversation instance, import the workspace. But the experiences that choose to enhance is entirely up to you.

Whether it’s answering questions for online shoppers, assisting customers file their taxes, or helping people understand their insurance policies, chatbots are enhancing experiences today more than ever.

In the Watson Conversation API this part is your dialog. The dialog in the Conversation API is set up like a logic tree with many “if then” conditions.

Each intent begins a node on the left and the logic flows from the top down through your intents. A specific combination of #Intent and @Entity:value triggers a certain response to a question – this combination is referred to as the response condition.

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