Tamagotchi v5 dating show cheat

you go from baby to child to teen to adult to OLDER ADULT. and on the D-U-M-B-**** part I meant for the * signs! I called y'all what you really are and it won't be blocked! Posted: apr 14, 2009 am Best answer Unregistered 0 0Re: Re: YOU DUMMIES! How immature can you get, common your probably to fat or ugly to say it to someone face so you just do it on the net. really i can i am know all about tamagotchis i you want it to get fixed send it down to this adres:24 Brunswick gardens birmingham handsworth B21 9AG if you do this i can help you with your problem. Some tamagotchis are unable to get married the matchmaker cant find a match for them. also, the parents only come to play golf, play shoe pairs, eat and give the new generation medicine.

so i am just going to wait =] Posted: nov 27, 2008 pm Best answer Unregistered 0 0muney how do you get more muney on a v5? Warning the other tamas will cry and leave from tamagotchi. Happy To Help, Cupcake_girl Why were soposed to disscussing about ways to get on the datin show you guys are pissed off at eachother du MMies//// you are a heritic imimture bang of vomit and you who say you half to wait 2 days th AT DOENT HELP EITHER IF YOU GONA POST HERE TELL US SOMETHING WE DONT NOW &!

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When the matchmaker falls asleep if you go on dating show set the time to midnight, then to lunchtime, you should be allowed to go on the dating show again.

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