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After filming wrapped, the two divorced their spouses and were married in 1964 and went on to have a tumultuous relationship.They were divorced in 1974, were remarried in 1975 and then divorced less than a year later in 1976.Every time I hear a woman vehemently preach against the idea of the office romance, I take a long, hard look at her. I'm going to Europe, the birthplace of the unapologetic fierce female. Kittens, rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to matters of sex and love. Work sucks, and having a little bit of sexual excitement in the office will only make your dull life better.And 9 times out of 10, this woman is leading a boring, dismal life that I wouldn't want to lead anyway. I like to think about it like this: When I'm a 90-year-old spinster ridden with liver spots (but still looking fab in head-to-toe Chanel, DUH), will I look back on doing sinful things, like screwing my co-worker, with remorse and regret? In fact, my 90-year-old self is wagging her finger at me right now from the nursing home and saying, "DO IT, YOUNG ZARA." a New York Times bestseller make. Message me, your lesbian big sister, on Facebook if you need to gush. It will always lead to you revealing your work crush, and somehow it will get back to Debbie. Your crush will be amplified if you keep it strictly to yourself.Back in January, some tabloids put out a report that she and Pitt had been spotted acting "ridiculously touchy-feely" with each other in Los Angeles, claiming that they'd been "casually dating" for about a month; before that, when asked whether he and Theron had taken their friendship to the next level, Skarsgård said, "People can think whatever they want."That decade-long solitude, for the record, is a bit of hyperbole.Theron dated Irish actor Stuart Townsend for nearly a decade, until early 2010.After 10 years of marriage, the couple split in June 2015, but share custody of their three children. It wasn’t until they went on a double date with other people that the sparks began to fly.The couple began dating in 2011 and were married in September 2012.

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The couple was secretly married in June 2014 in Ojai, California, and welcomed a son in the fall of 2015.No one even knew Bledel was pregnant until after the fact! " basic bitches drone on and on, flipping their perfectly styled, blow-dried hair with their perfectly manicured fingers. Sometimes these on-set relationships get serious and the couple ends up tying the knot, but it doesn’t always work out.After nine years of marriage and one child, the couple announced in April 2018 that they are separating; however, neither one of them has filed for divorce. In October 2004, they made their first appearance as a couple together at a Boston Red Sox game and then they were married in June 2005.

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