Sexy dating games

This sexy gift idea is a quick and easy way to let your sweetie know that they are loved in EVERY sense of the word!

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So we took the liberty of rounding up all the BEST sexy games we could find for couples, and you’re not going to believe this list.

We promise these sex games for couples will not disappoint. First up…A late night game of cards never sounded so fun! However, keep in mind that the name of the game is to try something new.

Additionally, there are so many sexy games in here that you might want to pin this now so you can refer back to it again and again! To clarify, we aren’t saying it will be easy, but we are saying it WILL be worth it!

While these games are perfect for the inner “gamer” in each of you, the best part is that you’ll both get a chance to “score”!

Chocolate, body paints, lingerie, and sexy dress up games…Are you ready for this?? On that note, kick the foreplay up a notch or two by giving your sweetie one of these!

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