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If you believe that your child is in danger and you need to obtain emergency temporary custody, it is vital that you work with an experienced family law attorney.

The State Historical Society of Missouri manuscript collection consists of personal papers, photographs, oral histories, correspondence, diaries and journals, and audiovisual material, as well as the records of churches, organizations, and businesses.

It is recognized as an important social problem by governmental and non-governmental agencies, and various Violence Against Women Acts have been passed by the US Congress in an attempt to stem this tide.

Victimization from domestic violence transcends the boundaries of gender and sexual orientation.

For example, a dispute over regular visitation would not rise to the standard of an emergency.

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In the petition, you will describe the reasons for emergency custody and backup your request with supporting documentation.The majority of the finding aids are provided in PDF format for your researching convenience.Manuscript collections are available for research at any of SHSMO’s six research centers.Emergency hearings address conditions that immediately imperil the health or well-being of a child.Neglect or abuse, extreme substance abuse by the custodial parent, or a sex offender living with the family all could constitute emergency situations that would warrant a hearing for emergency temporary custody.

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