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A far-fetched, if not a little warped, theory I know but hear me out……..

I am so excited about writing on here, and loving that Lisa actually found this post funny – serious leg slapping involved here and was there a snort……there may have been a little snort laugh, thank you lisa for pushing this forward. Recently I’ve been focusing on some of our PPC clients campaigns, and developed an analogy for keyword matching to share with clients and work colleagues.

Website maintenance is always a big issue for anyone who has a Dating website, as well; from managing all of your users to keeping track of troublemakers and such. Our years of experience in website development means that for us, web maintenance is not a massive deal; it’s all part of the package we offer when we agree to take you on as our client.

Exact Matching Say you went on a dating site and wanted to find your exact match your Mr.

Trent & Hanover have had many years of experience developing branding for different businesses.

If your company is a brand, then it will become truly strong: something that is known, that comes up in search engines and is mentioned in social media.

European leader in dating services, Meetic Group is present in 15 countries.

At Meetic Group, we want to spark meaningful connections for every single person in the world.

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