Senior sex dating deutsch

The results of this study show that sexual intimacy is a far more important component of a happy lifestyle in older adults than previously believed.The participants responded to questionnaires on the following topics: When the senior citizens were compared against a reference group of younger adults aged 22-36, the results showed a mix of surprising and not-so-surprising results.The "Use it or Lose it" message is pretty clear with most medical sources. Yes, many older people are more sexual these days, but the the problem is often that couples don't sexually age in harmony.So, what you often have are tacitly open marriages -- a lot more in among older people than you might think.By the way, it’s important to emphasize that this sample was better educated and enjoyed better health than the general population.So it may still very well be the case that poor health is an impediment to sexual activity in later life, as is generally believed.

In particular, people are living a lot longer than they used to.

But among those senior citizens who still enjoy good health, the key to a happy sex life is the availability of a partner within a committed relationship.

In conclusion, the study provides encouragement for all of us as we advance in our years.

I think access to the type of information you can read online helps.

I remember my wife suggesting that things will slow down once we reached our 50's.

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