Roleplay chat mobile adult

I found really great role-playing partenrs and enjoyed myself while I was a member but the community was not for me.

The community has a lot of members that have been banned or voluntarily left other sites and they did not like me since I am staff one one of those said sites.

I recommend this site to the adult people out there because this is an 18 site and they're really good about catching minors so adults don't have to worry as much.

The main complaint I have and have experienced in conversation about this site with others is the unclear nature of their rules, public chastising when a minor violation occurs and a strange dichotomy in standards that allows pictures of exposed genitalia and apparent underage (less than 16 years old) characters in public areas while being almost obsessive about character age in stories being over 18. Maybe he needs to spend more time creating a workable site and less time looking to be offended by what consenting adults are sending to each other in PRIVATE?!

Their checks on new members are abysmal as I've seen members that I know are underage not by a mere few months or a year but by several years. I joined the House of Eros adult roleplaying site yesterday and because i asked if anyone could help me learn the site i was banned, i honestly did nothing wrong.

Good very strict mods that put up with alot of crap and the owner is wonderful.

In a short amount of time from the rp community on tumblr where I barely had anything going, to I have so much to respond to that it overwhelms me at times.

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