Really weird dating sites

Unlike conventional dating sites where appearance is typically valued over personality, Ugly claims to focus more on genuine personality rather than looks.

Maybe this site can teach us that beauty really is skin deep?

Furry is a dating site devoted to single furries (enthusiasts for fictional anthropomorphic animal characteristics and human characteristics).

But if you think it is all about adults dressed as cute-cuddly bunnies and kitten, you might want to take a look at a few of the member's photos (hey look!

Apparently ghosts are not the only ones who are looking for love in the afterlife. Date (which claims to be the largest online single vampire community) is only one of several sites devoted to dating for vampires.

Whether you are looking to live-out your Twilight fantasy, or looking for a fling with Count Dracula, you'll be sure to find it here (just don't expect to find the charming Edward Cullen-type on here).

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Once you sign up as a ghost, you need to specify how you died, either "horribly, mysteriously, tragically or suddenly" and can you search other ghosts based on their sex, age and how they died.Unfortunately the site doesn't seem to live up to the hype, as most people on this site don't strike you as Bozos, oddly enough (except for the select few, as you can see below).If you didn't think these online dating sites could get any weirder thus far, think again.About 82% of its users hold a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, or other higher education degree.In the wise words of Kenny Rodgers, there is someone for everyone; and I mean everyone.

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