Prancer dating yuri dating game

So in light of all this Christmas cheer, why not learn a little about each reindeer, and see which one you are the most like! He may seem like an overachiever, but that depends on which reindeer you ask. don't tell Dancer, but Dasher totally has a crush on her!

No, Rudolph is not the only one—there are eight other reindeer that help Santa fly his sleigh, and each and every one of them has their own personality. This may be due to his love for munching on carrots or grazing the grass outside the barn, but even in the off season Dasher is seen training every day in order to fly that sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Being one of the older reindeer, she has somewhat of a motherly instinct over the younger reindeer. she totally knows Dasher has a crush on her.)Prancer is the team player.

She's every elegant in everything she does and always looks good.

Just don't count on him to be serious off the clock. He has a unique personality and is very strong-willed.

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She also said that ever since her image as a married woman has been shown on the program, she has not been on any arranged dating meetings (sogaeting) or received any love confessions from any men.She also said that after the recordings in the studio, everyone just goes straight home.Hwang Bo also announced during a program that she doesn't text message or call Hyun Joong in private. She is a very strong young woman and keeps all the men in order. )Dancer is one of two females among the nine reindeer.

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