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Just press the "add credits E-Wallet" button located on bottom-left side of the page. The Performers they set up their own prices, the amount will be deducted monthly from your E-Wallet credits. You can easily cancel your VIP subscriptions; just log-in to your account, go to “Your VIP subscriptions” page and use “Stop re bill” option - which is available for each of your subscriptions.

All add credits options for E-Wallet will appear in a small pop-up window. "When a Performer has an active VIP SESSION, you can subscribe to it from the Complete Profile Page V. (YOUR ACCOUNT top menu button A link can be found under the credit card box - Click here to access our payment service. In addition, you can also consult this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

In case of other problems or difficulties, fill out our Contact Form.

Please be as detailed as possible in your problem description. For Paysite-cash billing Support page at Paysite-cash.

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Over more than 100,000 registered Performers are using this platform to sell their services. Once you click on a Performers you are immediately in contact.However, our system will automatically send you an email -- the email will contain your account user name and password. Keeping these details in your email inbox is not SAFE enough, this is why we strongly recommend deleting emails containing sensitive information (like user names and passwords ).Yes, as long as you don't use these accounts for inappropriate purposes, there is no problem with it. In case you do not receive our email; first make sure you've also checked the Spam folder, if the email is nowhere to be found, add our email address to your Contacts list (Safe list) and use Lost Password feature again.You can also view your current balance right after you click "Enter Private Session" button or by accessing your "Personal information" page (YOUR ACCOUNT top menu button We do not recommend to exchange any kind of personal information with Performers such as, but not limited to: addresses, emails, phone numbers, instant messenger IDs and/or any other kinds of information.If you do so you are personally responsible if any of your information’s are misused.

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