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I read somewhere that it was made by Taradega and was a poor man's Martin spinoff. beautiful sounding guitar all rosewood body and neck spruce top very accurate tuners. There is a very nice one here in a local music store but its priced a little high for its condition at 795.00. Jan 1967 KAY Jumbo Western Acoustic - natural 1969 KENT Semi - hollow body electric 1974 JAGARD Mark 31LV Tobacco Sunburst, rosewood fretboard 2011 YAMAHA CPX1200 Acoustic/Electric - Translucent black, Ebony fretboard 2012 FENDER Telecaster American made - Natural, Maple fretboard I have one of those too... I bought one about 5 years ago for 400.00 and fell in love with the clean tones.There is a major difference in the low end and high end with the tone mod.More lows are added and the high end is not as "brittle".Is there a way of telling the age of a Peavey Nashville 400 by the serial number?(The serial number is 5a 02376717.) I believe this is an older model, so my next question is with all the talk of the modifications that can be made to the older models, do they compare to the newer Nashville 400 amps when the modifications are made?

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Bought it from a chick who's boyfriend went to jail for 20 bucks... Maybee a 450.00 guitar at best I have seen nice ones sell for that and beyond but the one he has is pretty rough : I have a Peavey T-60 in perfect condition and it is a great guitar that i only bought for 200$. 00 33 6 60 52 99 94 bye I have an old Ovation 12 string guitar thathas a serial number that starts with two or three "zero's". Still sounds like a million bucks..has a hardshell case, purple insides. : Hi, : Can anyone tell me if it is possible to refret an Ovation Matrix? It has a wood grain neck, and is in all around excellant shape. It is missing the electronics cover on the back of the guitar. please email if interested w/ offer Hi, I have been looking for a good starting guitar for quite a while now, and i was wandering which guitar would be good, i have a budget of around £200 and i have been looking at the Tom Delonge strat as im into punk music, also squier strats, other strat copys, yamaha pacifica's and low end Ibanez.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.If yours has a dot-matrix printed serial number and say a barcode, it's definitely recent enough to be in the database. You can download spec sheets and owner's manuals on our product pages.

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