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"Do not drink past two glasses of wine or two cocktails," Stanger warns. Do not think that you can do a third because you're an Irish Catholic and your dad can drink your mother under the table. (Ladies Only:) Don't Bring Up Marriage or Kids Yes, it seems very 1950s to say that men can broach the subject of matrimony and children but women have to avoid these topics like the plague."It's very biased and it'll get the feminists after me, but it is what it is, and I [can't] change the biology," says Stanger, who claims that a man is permitted to talk rings and diapers "because he's like a buyer.Remember as the saying goes it is always about quality, not quantity.

One of the biggest mistakes, according to Stanger, is keeping the wrong people around.Stop ignoring red flags and being afraid to ask questions.Anyone who is on a date should be asking a prospective match several questions. When an answer raises a red flag, take that for what it is and acknowledge it to yourself at least.Remember it is a blessing, even if that is not revealed promptly.Everyone's time is valuable so instead of going for quantity of people to find the one, focus on the quality of people.

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