Outlook 2016 inbox not auto updating

job that defrags the HDD at AM.

A problem that seems to occuring with greater frequency is the sudden freezing and unfreezing of the display, along with the disappearance of the cursor.

All unsolicited mail sent to my personal account will be deleted without reading.

After furious head scratching, DABrown CA asked: | This is a sample of the problem. I will mark it, then measure the duration of the delay ** (5 | s). Let’s see how long it takes for the | second one to occur.

When you archive email, it saves the messages in another Outlook data file (.pst), which you can open at any time. Choose the Auto Archive options you want or don't want. Whether or not you have Auto Archive enabled in Outlook, you can archive items manually--a good way to clear out your inbox while still saving messages in case you need them later.

Meanwhile, the Outlook file that you work with every day stays lean and mean. In the Advanced section, click the Auto Archive Settings… Here you'll be able to turn off Auto Archive (uncheck the box next to "Run Auto Archive every [X] days") or change its frequency, determine how old items have to be before they're archived, and set old items to be deleted instead of moved to an archive file.

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