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This is the point where the “sting” takes effect and the person’s IP address is logged and tracked to their physical address.The most common occurrence related to MCL 750.145 is when a person engages in conversation with an undercover police officer, and attempts to arrange a meeting to engage in sexual activity.The statute is very broad and includes a long list of prohibited conduct that a person cannot solicit a minor to commit by using the internet, peer to peer networks, or chat rooms.The list of prohibited conduct is robust, and specifies individual pieces of the criminal code that cannot be undertaken or attempted by using the internet.The typical set up is when a law enforcement officer lies in wait in a chatroom until they can strike up a conversation with an unsuspecting individual, and then begins what would otherwise seem to be an innocuous and innocent conversation.

Additionally, the person’s computer will likely be confiscated and reviewed by forensic computer analysts in an attempt to uncover illicit materials.So, if a law enforcement agency has chat logs or files indicating that you attempted to set up a meeting with a minor for a sexual purpose, then you may be charged with MCL 750.45d(1)(a).For example, accosting, enticing or soliciting a child for an immoral purpose is prohibited by this statute and MCL 750.145a.Consequently, you need the very best defense available to get the charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed.Grabel & Associates specializes in criminal defense of sex crimes and knows how to get results.

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