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Additionally, there’s a widespread belief by younger generations that serious commitment with someone else is on the backburner to have a better focus on career.

Try to check your account every couple of days, because if you lose contact with someone for too long, they may well move on.So what lessons are there to be learned from a dating world which has moved online? The numbers game These days, at least in the early stages, dating is a numbers game. The very nature of dating websites means you can interact with several people at one time, so you should never assume someone is only talking to you.Exclusivity still exists, but you should never assume it.I know some people are always quick to give the “just swipe right on every profile” advice, but that’s also the equivalent of saying “just click ‘yes’ every time someone asks you to subscribe to their mailing list.”Bare in mind, we’re trying to be efficient here, so digging through and deleting matches that you had no intention of ever contacting in the first place is going to waste a lot of energy.It also can hurt your chances in the long run too (after all, these people have friends who you’re most likely right swiping too, right?

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