Ns town dating from 1750 s

This relic is the perfect alternative for those who don't get pleasure from sitting in their living room and fondling a bone - or a scalp - to feed their road kill habit...This fabulous image by Joseph Heard reminds us that If there is any country that can rival a marine heritage to that of Great Britain, it is Canada.JD betrays his love affair with Canadian history in his hand-written title to this fabulous personal artist's proof.And he clearly wants Canadians to share his enthusiasm.For 150 years, after the British Conquest of Canada, her people and supplies that supported the colony, came in ships like this, braving the wild Atlantic gales.This hull is Canada-bound; there are icebergs in the background.Lawrence: in the background, the sailing ships that for over 200 years called at Quebec, and would for another century.

ns town dating from 1750 s-45

The 74 gun ship of the line was a French invention and was a state of the art war ship till the Napoleonic Wars of 1796-1815.Capturing humour, or subtleties of human and animal behaviour that makes us all smile, knowingly, was not something Group of Seven artists cared to explore or record in any of their paintings. After a terrifying voyage, during which 18 babies died, they landed on the north shore of Nova Scotia, and splashed ashore.JD Kelly has painted this dramatic moment, featuring the stowaway piper, who kept spirits up during the long voyage.Behind him, people of all ages struggle ashore with flags, family bibles, and luggage, as a couple of solitary Scots, who are already there, come down to greet them.A replica of the Dutch ship Hector, which brought them here, was built in the 1990s and is based at Pictou as a tourist attraction.

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