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Source: Act 1 based on Nielsen Audio Nationwide, Fall 2018. Podcast: :15 pre-roll and :30 mid-roll placements deliver custom sponsor messages delivers scale and engagement.Reach smart, young and curious news consumers with targeted, multimedia creative and audio units such as Brand Soundscapes and NPR One On Air: Sponsor receives :15 credits in daily program broadcast View Current Podcast Sponsors and Promo Codes , and his role as morning news host for KQED, San Francisco’s NPR Member station.If you're young and single, chances are you're rejecting potential dates left and right on apps like Tinder, Bumble and Ok Cupid. Hundreds of people are whittled down to a few in minutes.In the seconds you lingered on one person's profile, four pictures and an ambiguous job title, what made you swipe him or her to the right?Their profiles were identical in every way except the pictures in one profile were all expanded postures, while its twin had all contracted poses.The participants swiped yes on every potential suitor — 3,000 in total — for 48 hours.First impressions count in ways you might not expect.How people sit or where their arms and legs are in the images they share seem to loom large in potential daters' calculations, according to experiments involving speed dating and an online dating app.

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(All six participants were white and heterosexual).And it is adaptive from a purely financial perspective to mate or marry or whatever a woman who does have high rank, right?" Often, you can see also somebody's alma mater and job title.But, in general, expansive postures are more attractive, Tracy says."We know these displays communicate high status and rank.

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