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Reading between the lines, I suspect she wants to meet again.Sadly, I feel I have got all I want out of our brief relationship - two cups of coffee and a short conversation - and it's time to move on and find someone new.In order to fit in with the general ethos of the website I have invented a wife.Our relationship, I note, has suffered because we don't spend enough time together (not surprising really, since she doesn't exist).Her photograph reveals that the hour has stretched to 90 minutes.I'm already starting to feel like I've had enough of this experiment.

She has declined to tell me her name, so I have to think of her as her web sobriquet. "I want a man with a personality and looks to take my breath away." These are the requirements of the dark-haired, dark-eyed, 37-year-old Asian beauty who has sent me her romantic wish list.Reading it on my laptop in the aptly named Cafe Affaire in central London, I consider what she really wants: a no-strings-attached sexual relationship.But she is an old hand at this type of encounter and tells me she's met many men through the site, and that I was probably the only one who hadn't lied about my age."Sophia" tells me she thinks relationships have a shelf life of about ten years before boredom sets in, but that she stays married to ensure her children have a stable home.

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    Sure there are plenty of other dating sites that offer pretty much the same services, but no one can validate that they are good and will give you what you need.

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    They viewed the study as an independent [and therapeutic] space.

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    [Chorus] How can we make it, love, when I don't trust? We need more than love, more than love [VERSE 1: Amerie] It's a bad situation and I'm tired of pretendin' Everythin' is alright when we argue Half the time, almost every night It's a hard road I'm facin' So maybe I should keep it movin' Cause I can only trust you, baby Far as I can see what's in front of me [PRE-Chorus] You keep tellin' me That I keep askin' you these questions That don't make no sense But we both know they do (they do) Now we arguin' And now you're leavin' once again And I just sit here wonderin' what will I do (I do) [Chorus] [VERSE 2: Fabolous] Answer me this, now do you really wanna go there?