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Easily sort applications, make notes on them and cast the perfect talent. List a job (free) 1,000's of casting professionals cast with Star Now every month.

We have Casting Professionals looking for babies, children and teens for Acting and Modelling roles in TV, Film and Magazines.

Get started "I was cast as Marlene Moon in The Great Gatsby and my raw film test was used in the final edit of the film. " "Star Now is a brilliant platform and a great first door into the industry.

This was all thanks to an extras ad placed on Star Now... Thanks to Star Now I competed in the Miss Teen Galaxy pageant where I learnt some really useful tips which helped me at a time when my self-esteem wasn't so good." "I won a Global Acting Competition through Star Now!

They flew me to LA for the course, where I was able to gain US manager representation, and have since helped me sign with a top acting agent.

Thanks to everyone who has read my work and voted and commented.

Create a Kid's Profile Bruce won The Star Now Hollywood Immersive Global Acting competition, and after meetings with the Heads of Universal, Hasbro and Lionsgate, he was signed by a USA manager & has snapped up a leading role in the Netflix series Free Rein.

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