Mtv reality dating

In fact, these MTV shows of the '90s and '00s need to be brought back immediately. Because aside from some scripted shows and MTV's annual Spring Break tradition, MTV of the '90s and '00s still grasped on to pieces of it's original intention: Music Television.

There were time slots of music videos, game and talk shows that featured your favorite musical guests, and when there was a scripted or reality series, it was still generally geared towards that same older audience.

Here are the 10 Fakest MTV Shows (And 5 That Are Totally Real).

, Ozzy still might’ve been known primarily as that guy in Black Sabbath who ate bat but he was relatively famous.

The degree to which the "reality" is crafted does vary.

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However, the vast majority of MTV shows are faker than the zombies in Michael Jackson's music video for "Thriller".The popular game show was hosted by Jenny Mc Carthy, and it was basically embarrassing blind dates put on live television.If you're like me, you would agree that this was the single most important MTV show to ever air. Daria was basically one of the most relatable characters on television.With her bitter, cynical point of view of everything and everyone, she would basically win the Internet if she had her own Twitter account.

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