Men players dating

The beginning of a relationship with a player will usually feel like a whirlwind: their charm, enthusiasm and interest in your life can feel irresistable.

They will work hard to make you believe, very quickly, that your life has no value without them.

A red flag that your guy may be a player is if you notice he flirts with other women and can't seem to keep himself from eyeing other women around him even when he's with you.

Examine his behavior when he's around waitresses and female sales personnel.

If you are in an exclusive relationship, he should be introducing you to his friends and family members.

Any guy who lies may be a player, and you would not want to date or be in a relationship with someone you can't trust anyway.

If you are interested in a particular man but you are not sure he is a player, watch for telltale signs and remain friends with him for several weeks or months. Men love the physical connection in relationships, but a player will put this quality to an extreme.

If a man is really interested in you as a total person, he will be willing to get to know your personality, your interests and who you really are before getting physical.

Another sign is if he hangs around with other known players.

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Be wary of a guy who just disappears for hours or days at a time, only calls or shows up late at night, takes late calls and would not be OK with you answering his phone or accessing his emails.

Notice if he always answers a phone or text message in another room.

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