Lovers dating sites 2016

Some dating platforms target gay men while others are better suited for lesbians.

Most sites are designed to help straight men and women meet, but most modern dating platforms are increasingly accepting the LGBTQ community.

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Trust and dependency are key features—it isn’t a fetish that can play out during a quick hookup.

It has some parallels to other fetishes like face sitting where oxygen is restricted , or to masochism, and simply involves one party wanting to be overtaken and surrounded physically by a supersized partner.

Belly Play/Gut Flopping Many are turned on by the belly.

Adipophilia Adipophilia derives from adipose, a fancy word for fat. The connotation of a philia is a specific, intense passion.

You will probably hear the word adipophilia more in an academic setting than on a kink site, but it’s still good to know.

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