Josh hartnett diane kruger dating

In exactly the same way, I could not see the plot of this movie, because I had no concept of what it was. The reviewer for the BBC Web site reports that the movie takes place in New York.

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During a business dinner at a fancy restaurant, he thinks he spies Lisa (Diane Kruger), an ex who left him two years ago without any explanation and for whom he clearly still holds a torch.(Even in the very forgiving world of Hollywood films, it’s hard to empathize with a guy whose biggest problem is that he’ll eventually have to choose between Diane Kruger, Rose Byrne and Jessica Paré.) There’s quite a bit of turd-polishing to Mc Guigan’s style, too — he uses copious and unnecessary split screen sequences to spiff up the action, but his use of space and continuity is disorienting at best and nausea-inducing at worst.While most split screen sequences are typically used to show two alternate points of view on the same scene or two parallel scenes, Mc Guigan will sometimes show the same scene three times or show the foreground in one half of the screen and the background in the other, with a different scene crossfading into the background. Wicker Park’s general form comes off as Hitchcockian, but its central premise relies not on the complexity of the plot but the fragmented, layered way in which it gets revealed. Most egregious local landmarks: Well, the Wicker Park of the title is played by Little Italy’s Dante Park. It takes a fair-to-middling job of standing in for Chicago (more on that later).

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