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Moreover, society tells women if they want to fight for more power, they should fight with other women.

Basically, they say that women are not enough to fight with men to gain power; they should fight with each other.

In the light of her own and her pioneers’ success in their careers has arisen from their refusal to do what society imposes them to do, or stay on the same designated path, she now believes that all women should make an effort to be like the wolf in the story – strong, brave, and always hungry for more.

After Wambach retired from the professional soccer in 2015, ESPN conferred her in the ESPYS show with an Icon Award.

Just like in the old tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the girl disobeys her mother’s clear instructions and she comes across with the Big Bad Wolf eventually.

The writer’s message is clear: rules are not made to be broken, and young girls shouldn’t get too curious.

In other words, men could look forward to a calm retirement, however, she would have to think about what to do next in her career.

During high school, she realized that she was homosexual.

She was scared about what would her family say and she hid this fact and she couldn’t even confess to herself.

Towards the end of high school, she saw a girl and fell in love. It was the first time that she went off course and was against the tide.

When we look at the male winners of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, each member of the team earned million, which is 19 times more money than the winners of Women’s World Cup were awarded ( million) in 2015. Given these numbers, the inequity becomes more shocking than ever. Respectively, gratitude makes women so overwhelmed that they feel not excluded and known by others.

Obviously, the inequality of paying is not particular to sports. Also, getting a paycheck makes women fear from asking for more.

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