Intimidating strike dd 3 5

If the initial check fails, the other character has probably become more firmly resolved to resist the intimidator, and a retry is futile.

You gain a 4 bonus on your Intimidate check for every size category that you are larger than your target.

Your Intimidate check is opposed by the target’s modified level check (1d20 character level or Hit Dice target’s Wisdom bonus [if any] target’s modifiers on saves against fear).

If you beat your target’s check result, you may treat the target as friendly, but only for the purpose of actions taken while it remains intimidated.

I guess the big question is, what's more reliable, a Will save or an Intimidate check? can you combine Intimidating Strike with other attack options, like Power Attack? There are also several different Fear inducing magic items, like the Subjugating weapon enhancement from Heroes of Battle.I've done that in the past, and while it's fun, it tends to make the GM angry and have him throw fear-immune enemies at you.This is more just for penalties than for fear domination. It gives you a fear aura that activates automatically whenever you attack.Optional, but not recommended because retries usually do not work.Even if the initial check succeeds, the other character can be intimidated only so far, and a retry doesn’t help.

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