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Amber is 5’9″ and has always been attracted to tall men, so it was the perfect fit right from the start.

A midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve a few weeks later sealed the deal.

Over the last decade, On Speed Dating has collected hundred of success stories, but the best success story comes from Amber herself.

The company’s founder was at a Size Matters speed dating event in 2012 when she started chatting up a guy who was 6’6″.

Sometimes that means checking heights or dress sizes at the door.

Today, her company hosts over 100 types of events in New York City and Austin and has signed up over 60,000 members.Overall, On Speed Dating attracts some of the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the area with promises of raising the bar in the dating scene. If participants don’t go on at least 10 mini-dates during the event, the next one is free.This guarantee incentivizes the team to hustle and ensure singles sign up for a dating adventure unlike any other.In 2008, she and another single friend started hosting themed speed dating events in New York City in hopes of attracting the types of people they wanted to date.They firmly believed having standards is a good and necessary part of dating, and so they created specific themes to narrow the dating pool to desirable types of people.

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