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If chafing is a problem (spare me the jokes, I’ve heard them all), provide some lotion or lubricant and don’t make a big deal about it.

Herbenick said, it is very common to see observations of toddlers touching their own genitals or playing games with their peers that involve some touching.

Joycelyn Elders, whom President Clinton forced to resign as Surgeon General in 1994 after she said at the United Nations Conference on AIDS that masturbation was “part of human sexuality,” and that it might be possible to educate young people about it as a safe alternative to more risky behavior.“Masturbation is completely safe sex, a way for young people to experience sexual pleasure not with other people, risk-free, and that’s a good thing too,” Dr.

cutie Josh Hutcherson is the latest victim of the ever-growing string of leaked nude celeb photos. We refuse to believe anything until we see his head attached to that bare bod!

the book that had convinced him to become an anthropologist. And I remember her answer: “Touching yourself for sexual pleasure,” she said, neutral and nonjudgmental like the English professor she was.

That was helpful when, soon after, I acquired the original cast album of the musical “Hair,” which presented a new set of vocabulary challenges; at least I understood the line, “Masturbation can be fun.”Let’s face it, masturbation can indeed be fun, but it turns out to be a subject that many parents feel awkward about discussing with their children.

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