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Chris Evert first arrived on 21 December 1954, in Boca Raton, Florida, to the family of Evert.

She is the daughter of Jimmy Evert and Colette Thompson.

“It’ll be another three years at least,” she believes, before another world-class American talent comes through.

And it won’t be one of her sons, because they take after their father: “They are fearless and like extreme sports like skateboarding; tennis is far too gentle for them.” That doesn’t worry her.

Talking about her father, he was a professional tennis coach and Chris Evert started having tennis lessons from her father at the age of five.

She was taught the basics of tennis on Holiday Park’s clay courts, where she received her famed two-handed backhand. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale in 1973 and next entered the Auburn University in Alabama with a full athletic scholarship for tennis.

Now we talk about relationships and laugh about the old days.” Navratilova hasn’t blabbed, but those mysterious “friends” who crop up when there is gossip to be dispensed have voiced various theories as to what went wrong with the Evert/Norman match.

Christine Marie Evert, shortly Chris Evert, is a former World No.

1 professional tennis player from the United States.

The second barrel came off her name eight years later when they divorced, following her affair with the singer Adam Faith.

A year later she married Andy Mill and left the tennis circuit soon after. After all those years of it all being about me, it was a great relief when I retired, had three children and it was all about them.

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