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The officers then drive stun Wheatcroft several more times. WILLIAMS: He’s being drive stunned there and he’s still strapped into the seatbelt. You hear Schneider say, “Mark is hurt.” The officers then try to drag Wheatcroft away from the vehicle, but his legs are still stuck in the seatbelt.All of that physical initiation by the officers should not have been. The 11-year-old boy in the car moves into the front seat to finally free Wheatcroft from the belt.NOBLE: The controlling officer is not going to the driver’s side and investigating the turn signal.He’s focused on the passenger, which tells me that maybe this is not why we’re here.On July 27, 2017, Johnny Wheatcroft was a passenger in a silver Ford Taurus when a pair of Glendale police officers pulled in front them in a Motel 6 parking lot. Minutes later, Wheatcroft was handcuffed lying face down on the hot asphalt on a 108-degree day.He'd already been tased 10 times, with one officer kneeling on his back as another, Officer Matt Schneider, kicked him in the groin and pulled down his athletic shorts to tase him a final time in his testicles, according to a federal lawsuit and body camera footage obtained by ABC15.I’m stuck I can’t do what you want me to do.' A child, a small child, who just released his legs, who in effect helped the officers, (Schneider) starts giving orders as if he’s a suspect.And you see the boy, who just did something good, just tried to help the officer, being confronted.

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The scene was witnessed by his 11- and 6-year-old sons.

’ And the officer tells him, ‘If you’re a passenger in the vehicle, you have to give ID.’ That’s misstatement of the law. By grabbing his arm, it prevents the seatbelt from sliding off completely. So to use force, you have to have a lawful detention or lawful arrest, why are we here. How is he going to get out…You ask him not to do this, ask him not to do that.

The officer then pulls his Taser and applies it to Wheatcroft’s arm. I didn’t do anything wrong." Shnieder replies, “Here’s the deal, you tense up and I’m going to, listen to me. Relax your arm.” Wheatcroft asks, “What did I do wrong? We are here for a turn signal violation and he’s not the driver. He can’t do anything because he’s strapped into the seatbelt.

Globally, it is estimated that some 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone some form of FGM.

Although FGM is declining in the majority of countries where it is prevalent, most of these are also experiencing a high rate of population growth – meaning that the number of girls who undergo FGM will continue to grow if the practice continues at current levels.

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