Galaxy angel dating sim rpg

This is one of the many aspects of that gets me arguing with other fans of the series (another one: should Angel Tai be translated as Angel Brigade, like Bandai's old DVD release does, or would something like Angel Wing or Angel Squadron be better?

by way of the anime, the manga's (and by extension, the video games') much more straightforward tone never really sold me.When the rest of the Brigade inevitably uses the salt, Milfeulle keeps track of them by drawing silly faces on their now-invisible ones.Vanilla gets an anime-only sidekick in NORMAD, a decommissioned artificially-intelligent missile that is a transparent reference to both the Star Trek episode “The Changeling” (which features NOMAD, a rogue satellite that developed its own “lost technology”) and foundational space comedy Dark Star, which has an extended scene where the characters argue with an AI-controlled bomb that has decided to commit suicide.If you've played , Tact is basically the Ichiro Ogami of this series; he's in charge of the Angel Brigade, a team of five elite pilots, and in his role, the player of the video game gets to choose story routes, take tactical command of his troops, and most importantly, decide which member of the Angel Brigade to start dating.It'd be easy to say that dating sims were a quaint artifact of the late 90s and early 2000s, with megahits like Sentimental Graffiti and the aforementioned , but let's face it, even the Mass Effect games are dating sims at this point.

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