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This creates a discussion page where users can post a comment (or "Dissent"), and the comments can be up- or down-voted by other users of the site.

By using the Dissenter browser extension, users may read and post comments in an overlay while viewing page content.

The site gained extensive public scrutiny following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in October 2018, as Robert Gregory Bowers, the sole suspect, posted a message on Gab indicating an immediate intent to do harm before the shooting; In July 2019, Gab switched its software infrastructure to a fork of Mastodon, a free and open-source social network platform.

Mastodon released a statement in protest, denouncing Gab as trying to monetize racism under claims of free speech.

In December 2016, Apple declined Gab's submission of its app to the i OS App Store, citing pornographic content as the reason.

Mastodon also stated that by paywalling features that are otherwise freely accessible in other instances, Gab "offer users no incentive to choose their platform" and "puts itself at a disadvantage compared to any Mastodon instance".

In December 2018, Gab sponsored Turning Point USA's "Student Action Summit" in Palm Beach, Florida.

Days before the event, Turning Point USA removed Gab from the list of sponsors without explanation. The company turned to cryptocurrency payment processing services after being rejected from Pay Pal and Stripe in the aftermath of the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Torba shared a post from another user that suggested that the "deep state" was responsible.

The Daily Beast opined that this was an attempt to further obfuscate its numbers, in response to reports that it had inflated its user count.

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