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A melting pot of many different peoples, Israeli culture can be hard to grasp fully through anything but movies.From classics films that paint a picture of what life was like for Jewish immigrants in the 1950s and ’60s, to portraits of communities often left out of the mainstream, movies let you immerse yourself in Israeli life, if only for a short while.This list has it all: film series immortalized in Israeli pop culture; cult comedies; wartime movies; films about religious Jews, Soviet immigrants, and Bedouin tribes; and Israeli films that have received international acclaim.Watch and enjoy as you learn a little bit more about the complicated society that is Israel.

Live and Become (2005) The story of an adopted Christian Ethiopian boy posing as a Jew in Israel following Operation Moses in 1984, this award-winning French-produced film shows the touching and raw reality of an immigrant as he passes major life events, from his bar mitzvah and service as an army medic to his marriage to a woman who does not know the complete truth about his past.Mivtza Savta (Operation Grandma) (1999) A cult hit short comedy, “Mivtza Savta” spawned the phrase “I can’t talk about it, the enemy is listening,” as well as others that Israelis still work into conversations to this day.It is the story of three brothers from a small kibbutz in the Negev– one a jokester army officer named after a popular Israeli snack, one a nature guide, and one a cable company owner — and their joint misadventure to bring their dead grandmother to their home kibbutz to be buried.“Most leather in the leather products industry is made by animals who were taken advantage of in other industries, mainly the meat industry,” Haimovich, who is a member of the Blue and White Party, wrote in a letter to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein.“Those animals undergo great suffering and, for most of their lives, are victims of violence and neglect.” Haimovich offered to pay for the change and suggested replacing all chairs in the Knesset to ones that are made with synthetic materials to set an example for the world, similar to its efforts to install solar panels on its buildings.

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