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The strongly typed Data Source controls are great because by binding to them you have all your object's properties and methods pre-defined and at your disposal. These maintain the Object Data Source controls event model, except they are geared to your data, relationships, and domain.

On the other hand, the Entity Data Source control is a generic datasource and is useful because it uses 100% reflection to work with the data providers.

This is great when you need to change the type at runtime, or maybe you have written your own methods within the Data Access Layer that you would like to call, then you would simply use the Entity Data Source control.

The Web Library adds a collection of user interface controls to your toolbox such as the strongly bound repeaters, Entity Grid View, Entity Drop Down List (and bound field version), Bound Radio Button Field, Hyperlink Field, Entity Label and a Grid View Search Panel.

Feel free to write a support ticket to send a sample project. Best wishes, Konstantin Petkov the Telerik team I tried your suggestion about putting the manager outside the formview (which I had already) and moving the ajax settings into the code behind.

With your suggestions I don't get any Ajax functionality at all. I am just wondering if you were speaking from experience in your suggestion or if you were just taking a guess that your suggestion *may* work?

I'm noticing that the Rad Ajax Panel control is causing a full postback when one of its child controls is fired (like a checkbox with autopostback=true).control is used to display a single record from a data source.It is similar to the Details View control, except it displays user-defined templates instead of row fields.Design View: Taking the form and selecting only the columns that I want, we create a nice grid. The wonderful part of the Typed Data Source control is that you don't have to do anything when you want to edit/insert/delete an object.You simply have the grid call the Edit/Delete/Insert command, which can be done a variety of ways in 2.0. And you should have a functional Grid View with paging and sorting!

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