First telephone dating service

You can’t rely on facial expressions so make sure your enthusiasm shines through in your voice.

Let the other person know that you’re happy to be speaking to them.

If you need an excuse, tell him/her about something you read or saw on the news that prompted your call. Lunchtime is good; dinner time is not,” says Masini.

“Don’t call at eight on Sunday morning or after 10 any night.” Whenever you ring, make sure the person is free to talk by asking, “Is this a good time? “Not serious questions, but questions that are easy to answer, such as, ‘What did you do today?

Even without a video conference camera hooked up, the other party can tell if you’re distracted.

“Don’t make a relationship call while you’re cooking, driving, shaving or checking your emails,” says Masini. ” And try this tip from Denise Dorman, 42, from Geneva, IL: “Smile!

“That usually leads to talking about other shows we like or silly shows from our childhood, and the conversation just seems to flow from there.” Since conversational lulls can be unnerving, jot a couple of conversation-starters down on a Post-it before you make the call. If the person who’s on the line is answering you with one-syllable words, deploy some open-ended questions—the ones that start with what, when, why, where or how.

I had lunch at a great sushi bar near work with a friend from school, and now I’m talking to you!You need to make a good first impression but, unlike with an email, you can’t delete anything that doesn’t sound quite right.Here are eight top tips to help you handle that first phone call – and secure the date: There’s nothing worse than losing signal halfway through your conversation.’ This tells the person three things about you: Asking questions will help you get to know the other person – and show that you’re interested in them.It’ll also help keep the conversation flowing and avoid any awkward silences!

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