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If you think you might be talking to a scammer, look for warning signs like this: I am one of the victim.

I met a guy on fb and told me that he wanted to be my good friend.

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Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason.And he needs money for when he goes over seas, cause they'll freeze his account etc. I did open an account, but never gave out the info or anything about it. Like many of you I too have been scammed by an individual while subscribed to Match .I never really cared for on line dating but my friends insisted and here I am at a loss of thousands of dollars. HIs IP address is connected to many other IP addresses which means all my messages were going out to many different criminals. This man has sent me a bunch of very clear pictures of the same man but I don't know.While I'm at it I would like to make everyone out there aware that his low life calls himself Juan R. His phone number is 424 243-6796 and his IP address that shows to be out of Sunnyvale California. Story is....not use online dating sites because they are not reliable and they are unsafe. I would like to send copies on my mails in FB, and photos that I got, I don't trust someone that says I love you on the second mail and on the third wants to get married. Today he asked for money so all these alarms went off. Scammers often use pictures of other people without their permission.He has not asked for money, it seems that he has it. If you're dealing with a scammer, seeing a picture won't tell you who the person really is.

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