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But as soon as she opened it, she was taken to another world, The Emerald World where 'day' and 'night' were seasons of 6 months.She loses the book that very day but it is returned to her the next day by the one who took it by mistake. Despite his friendliness and charisma, it's obvious that he's not telling others the whole truth about himself.It turns out that she can go back to her world only after 30 days, i.e., when the moon's full, just like the previous day. Likes: Glow in the Dark Stars, Toy Horse Terrance's partner in bounty hunting.He's often hotheaded and jumping into action too early.(If you use the cheat for everlasting hp, you can't unlock him.) Likes: Playing Cards, Rose A down to the Earth girl.She's open to those close to her, but can be shy around strangers.She is a bit sickly, but she doesn't let her poor health get in her way too much.=Unlock Raine= Buy a lot of roses from Aiden's flower shop, he should at some point give you a shovel.

Hit "Play" at the starting menu and, after choosing your starting stats, go to "Cheats" to enter the codes.

You'll faint and find yourself being at the hotel and Alix tells you that somebody carried you there.

After that go to the carousel area, there you can talk to Clyde now.

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