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That is a very broad definition, but considering an Environmental Scientist could be doing anything from helping increase palm wood production in the forests of Samoa to sampling frozen lakes in Siberia or arguing legal cases before the Supreme Court, Environmental Scientists do a lot!Most communities employ at least a few at their local sanitation station, in their building/roads department, and in their public health departments.With the resources provided by Environmental Science.org, you can begin your journey towards earning a degree in Environmental Science and following the career of your dreams.Environmental Scientists are those who work in a variety of fields related to the Earth and its resources.

What are employers looking for someone to have experience doing?

That would be considered a minimum for a very small community.

Cities hire entire environmental legal teams, employ water and transportation teams, infrastructure specialists, local environmental specialists, parks and recreation, etc.

The variety in what they do is almost limitless, depending on the schooling, the individual, and their location.

We've categorized the careers by five distinct career sets: One of the most important responsibilities for Environmental Scientists is to, either, collect their own samples, oversee the collection of samples, or, at least, understand the collection of samples.

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