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Audiences watched the singing family for four seasons as the show picked up five Golden Globe nominations, high ratings, and even a Grammy nomination.In her new memoir, Shirley Jones takes readers behind the scenes of the wholesome series, revealing endearing—and shocking—details about the show’s four-year run.“I was sad to see the show end.

I think they felt that had the legitimacy of having Danny Bonaduce be a part of it," he said.

At eleven, he started smoking.” And although the cast “loved and appreciated him, we couldn’t deny that he was snotty at times.

Once, when he was getting too big for his boots, we all ganged up on him and convinced Susan to pour a pitcher of milk over his head, just to put him in his place.” The incident found its way into an episode of 4.

If it hadn’t been canceled, I would have been happy to carry on playing Shirley Partridge for another four years,” Jones, 79, writes in the book.

“For me and all the rest of the cast, this was the end of an era.”Below, see seven of the biggest revelations from Jones’s days on was a much easier decision.

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